How to Delete a Line From a Text File using SED

Linux tips

Linux tips – Photo by JPPI, 2015,

Suppose you’re using GNU/Linux or FreeBSD.

Suppose you have a text file.

Suppose you want to delete all the text lines that contains a specif text.

Suppose you don’t know on which line it is, or suppose you have a lot of occurrences of these words.

The solution is simple. Use: SED.


sed -i "/text-i-want-to-remove/d" /path/to/file

Where text-i-want-to-remove is the text contained on the lines you’re going to remove and  /path/to/file is the absolute path to the file you want to clean.

text-i-want-to-remove can contains also spaces.

This is the way that’s going to modify the original file.

Suppose you want to keep the original file and you just need a new file with that lines deleted?

Then type:

sed "/text-i-want-to-remove/d" /path/to/file > new-file

Where new-file is the new text file (in the current directory) without the lines that contained text-i-want-to-remove.

That’s all.


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